About Me

My name is Gestin. I come from Wonogiri, Central Java. I was born on May 24, 1987. I have been graduated from ITB with Geophysical Engineering as my major. I’m funny and pure people. I’m interested with sport such as football, table tennis, badminton. I like reading books especially life motivation, psychology, healthy, and Islamic books or reading some articles about it.

i’m just an ordinary woman who want to change the dream come true……see the star as the dream…always wish i could touch the star in the night…..almost all the people think that i’m a taciturn people but that’s wrong….i was learning how can i become a kindly people since i was child…be a honest people and a humorous people to everyone who i meet….i have so many friend…i was learning so many things from them…try to understand about the life in world and thereafter… positive thinking about that’s happen in my life…open my eyes, my dream and my mind…. Allah decision is right…believe that i’m what is i thinking about me….smile to everyone and fill the life with happiness….


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hallo gestin.. i love your blog ❤ ❤
    visit and follow back my blog yaa at ciputrush.blogspot.com :))
    an old blog that has been vacuum for almost a year heheh.
    let's continue to share our stories through our blog!
    see ya. 🙂

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