This is called ‘love’

In this chance, i want to tell story about love. I want to tell about my family. They have made me strong to passed my life. They have guided me with full of love. The first love for my mom, she is strongest mother. She was born on May 17, 1961 and her height 148 cm, weight 60 kg. I love her very much although sometimes we have difference of idea but i’m still respect of her. About my mom, she is a teacher but she has a lot of capability such as playing volley ball, playing table tennis, swimming, singing (i think her voice is very good…hehe), cooking (her cuisine is very delicious especially if she made cuisine from beef, potato….hmmm…yummy). Besides it, she is also clever in financial management and i think because of it, she is rather stingy….hehe. She is impatient and has high emotions…sometimes we are not suitable because of it….Whatever it is, she has helped me to be a better people….I love you, mom….:-)…

The second love for my father, he is also strongest father. He was born on February 15, 1961 and has height 173 cm, weight 66 kg. I have learned about life from him. He is a patient father, honest and very wise. I knew from other people that my father is very smart. I’m agree with their opinion. He has a lot of capability such as sewing, devising building especially house, playing badminton and table tennis, cooking. I think, he able to make something which people don’t think he can do it. He is workhorse but has smooth heart. Thanks for everything….i can stand by in this way because of you…i can go far like this because of you…you make me strong…i know you very hate if i cry and i promise i don’t cry in front of you. My father always help me and give a solution if i have problem. He is a greatest father….:-)

To my mom and my father, i’m really sorry if i have made you cry and disappointed. I just want to see your smiles. Allah, let me to make my parents happy and proud of me. Love them….thanks for all….

The third love for my sister. She was born on February 16, 1997. She is taller than me, her height 160 cm. She has many difference with me. She is very smart and firm. She has leadership capability but i don’t have this capability…hehe.. She often become leader of the scout team and be the winner in several competition. She also gained first rank in junior high school. She is impatient and grumpy. But she has beautiful heart. She like my mom, she has singing capability….her voice is tuneful…. I’m so proud of her. I love you, my sister. I hope she can reach her dream and become the great people in the future.

This is story about the people who i loved. But i want to love them not exceed my love to Allah. I want to love them with a simple way but still full of love for getting a greatest happiness….they are in by my side because Allah gave them for me. Allah, thanks for everything….gives a happiness and success for them in the world and  hereafter…love you all because Allah……:-))…..


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