A Little Story Of A Successful Neighbour

Just want to tell….Just want to share…i think this short story can give many inspiration…i want to tell about a neighbour in my village. I heard about him from my Indonesian Language teacher in Junior High School. In that time, i was still first class. My teacher was so proud of him. My teacher told that in several years ago, he had a smart student. A smart student who could change many perception about Giritontro peoples. The Giritontro peoples who just thought that wealth and money is everything in the world. The rich peoples became king and the poor peoples became servant. Rich peoples were like head and poor peoples were like foot. I don’t like this perception. I think degree of the peoples is same. Just the our piety to Allah which distinguish. And one person who could make it was changed. He is a smart student, with the initial name H******. He was born from a herb seller and included the poor people. He just had mother and two brothers. He became the youngest son. His house was very small but he had great spirit. In junior high school, he got high value from a lot of subject. He even gained first rank in this school. When he has been graduated from junior high school, he was confusing what was he doing in the future?….He wanted to continue his study but his mother didn’t have enough of money. I thought, he wanted to change his family life.

Later he went to my teacher house. They were discussing his planning in the future. He asked about his possibility study in high school. My teacher suggested him to continue his study in ‘Taruna Nusantara High School’, Magelang. The reason in this high school, he could look for scholarship. Then he thought, it was the right way for him. He registered and after passed some examination, finally he gained his dream, gained scholarship for his study….became a student of Taruna Nusantara High School. 

I’m agree with my teacher, he is a smart people and be a first people in Giritontro who could enter in the best and popular high school. He gained a extraordinary achievement. He is the best peoples from Giritontro village. Several years ago when i was still third class in junior high school, i met him in school. So proud of him. We were acquainted. I was so happy, i could share little of our story. He gave me some suggestion how could i reach my dream, my aspiration. Thanks for your inspiration story.

Recently, i have heard about him from my parents. He has made his family so happy. He has been helping his family economic. He has made beautiful house for his family. I also hear he became a marinir was keeping this country. What is this called from zero to hero….:-)….And several time ago still in this month, i saw him with his white cars from far places. Now i’m thinking, that he has became a successful people. I’m so amazed with him.

I hope the Giritontro peoples can learn from him and his family. Don’t just compete to show your wealth, your arrogance, your position, your appearance. But learn how to make your son, your daughter have better life with a high piety, high achievement and can give the happiness to their family also people in arround of them. Remains to humble, down to earth, and low profile if you have high pride. If you have wealth more than another is good if you give something for them who needed. Share your happines with other people and always be grateful to Allah.

This is a little story about someone with initial name is H****** who made the Giritontro peoples was proud of him. Hope i can make a beautiful story for my life.


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